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Date Signature Assistant CSC AOC-CV-710 New 11/04 2004 Administrative Office of the Courts Clerk Of Superior Court. File No* STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA In The General Court Of Justice District Court Division County Name Of Plaintiff JUDGMENT FOR ABSOLUTE DIVORCE BEFORE THE CLERK VERSUS Name Of Defendant G*S* 50-10 e NOTE TO CLERK This form is drafted for granting absolute divorce when plaintiff s verified complaint alleges all of the required facts and the plaintiff proves service of the summons...
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Laws calm legal forms guide North Carolina judgment for absolute divorce before the clerk form a occb 710 in North Carolina divorce cases in which the spouse who has a petition filed against them waves their right to be informed of hearings agrees with the information on the petition or who does not respond judgment can be automatically passed this article discusses the North Carolina judgment for absolute divorce before the clerk which can be found on the website of the North Carolina court system the document is for completion by a court clerk step one at the top of the page the county of the case and the name of the plaintiff and defendant will be entered step two in section 2 the clerk will note whether the defendant failed to appear waived their right to answer or admitted all allegations in an answer step 3 in section for the clerk will note whether the defendant was served with notice of this hearing or not step 4 in section 5 the clerk will note which of the spouses has been a resident of the county in question for at least six months step 5 in section 6 the clerk will give the date of marriage step 6 in section 7 the clerk will give the information requested about the couple's separation status step 7 in section 8 the clerk will note whether the plaintiff has requested the restoration of their former name step 8 section 9 requires both parties social security numbers only if minor children are involved step 9 the clerk will sign the order and check the box indicating restoration of the former name if approved this will finalize the divorce to watch more videos please make sure to visit laws calm